Isnin, 21 November 2016


Hello guys :),
After years without a post, I am back. I wish I could write more but I just had no idea, I just cant get a hold of any topic and things. Hmm, I found out sharing life stuff is not really a good things nowadays since the world are getting scarier each day, well my life is not that interesting plus I dont really had much time to push me to write. It concerning me a lot whether I should just delete this blog and quit blogging for good. Yet, its a pity to waste all the idea and effort I had done so far. So for now I just dont find the answer for my concern yet. Hmmm so today I will just write how things had change in my life. Years has passed and I found there a lot of things change in myself. I am getting older (I already in 20's) *I just cant belive it, I was only 14 when I started blogging :'( well I can relate to this when i had an backache for being in ride too long, I keep getting headache if I dont take a good care of myself, I get tired easily. I wish I was 10 years younger. It does not only change in this way cause now I am holding a lot of responsibility on my own, I need to make a decision myself, I need to start thinking about my future and focus on it, I need to met a deadline, who I want to be, create my personality, coping with social life and I realize I dont had much time on my hand and being an adult is so much harder than I thought it would be. Well, it such a shame to say that I am now is an adult with a mind and thinking that not yet mature.There a lot of things i need to achieve and learn. I should try my best to bring out the best of me and I wont give up, yeahhhhhhh that the spirit~  I will give out all of me to live my life to the fullest and fulfill the life I am wishing for, hopefully. Well, i should say my goodbye for now. I hope I can make my decision concerning this blog soon and hoping so its a decision that I wont regret. Till later, XOXO.

P/S :  I am not that old yet anyways, huhuhu. 

Ahad, 29 September 2013

Life in KMK

Today I would like to tell about my life at KMK :)
Actually,this post I consider as my sc comp assignment as my lovely lecturer told us to share our story about being a KMK student...
Since I know my lecturer are going to read this so I should use a appropriate language then,hehe
So now let me start with greetings to my lovely and kind-hearted lecturer Puan Nazliah *eh puan saya puji ni bukan nak markah penuh tau? Puji ikhlas dari hati ni...hehehehe
Being a KMK student was not bad at all since I'm enjoying myself being here
Here,our life were so hectic since our schedule is quite full, our class start at 8 am and ended up at 4 pm...As modul 3 student I have 3 hours leisure time per week so I'm using that time wisely,properly,and more lyyyy lah...hehehehe *kononnya
I meet a lot of new friends,and it was fun...
I found out that all the lecturers here were so dedicated and I feel very happy having them as my lecturers
The food here is the most interesting part,hehehehehe
As I love food very much,
There a variety type of food and it was good since the price is too affordable
So now let's start with study part,hmmm I think that it was a pretty though because I'm studying science subject which I'm really bad in...
The final exam is approaching soon and I'm in state of worry,anxious,eager,scary and many more...
I'm not ready yet and this make me keep worryyssssss :(
Wish me luck guys :) *cita-cita nak 4 rata, Amin
I think I should end this post here since I'm already talk to much...
Here are some picture of myself taken at KMK *huuuu,banyak gambar nak letak tapi takut followers muntah tengok gambar cheq yang semua koyasss tu...
Heeeee,opssss :3
Yeayyyyyy,Puan assignment saya dah siap,harap Puan tak boring baca...hehehehe
Yang baju kuning tu,Lecturer sc comp cheq...hehehehehe
Puan sorry ambik gambar curi,nanti saya padam balik gambar tu....heeee

P/S : Happy reading you'alls,Terima Kasih Puan :) Doakan saya final exam :)

Rabu, 18 September 2013


Life must go on, no matter how hard was it
Keep going on, keep trying, and the most important don't ever lose hope towards HIM
Maybe there are hints that he want us to get through, keep believing on HIM :)
InshaAllah everything will be fine
Stay strong Alyaa
Everything happen for a reasons ❤

P/S : it's all about believe

Sabtu, 17 Ogos 2013

It's has been a while

It has been 6 month since my last update,
Sometimes I feel want to delete this blog because I kept left it abandon without new post,
But how come I do that?
I had done a lot of work since the first day I opened up this blog 4 years ago,
I just miss my blog badly and I really wish that I can keep update my blog more often,
Serious talk "I wish I was an active blogger" and I was not
Hehehe.at least today I want to share some news stories :)
I just finished my UPS,
Oh actually now I'm studying at KMK...
Guys,do you know what KMK stand for?
Hahaha,it was Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah...Changlun,Ya it's kinda far from home
It was about 8 hour journey! Ya so long till it can freak me out so much
I swear it was a soooo bored and I just sleep all along the journey...hahaha
Oh ya, I just watch the conjuring with my babygirlssss
Ya, that's movie just nice...Yeay cool though
Hahahah,it was not bad at all
At least there are some moral values that we can apply in our daily life,
I think that's all for now till we meet later,
With love, I love you ;) hahaha

P/S : I hope my UPS result wont kill me ! Pleaseeee :3

Rabu, 6 Februari 2013

It's Wednesday :)

Everything seem not right!
I keep doing a lot of mistakes and seriously I'm regret :(
Please,Please,Please :)
Tomorrow,be nice to me...
I miss my precious family a lot and I need them !
Life is kinda stressful sometimes,
Yeah,whether the life is worse...
We still need to face it :D
That's LIFE...
no matter how many SHIT happen we need to accept it
Ya ALLAH, I know you will be by my side :D
And I really glad that you give me life..
LIFE that teach me a lot :)

P/S : Dear YOU,
I'm sorry for everything !

Isnin, 4 Februari 2013

New Day

Today is Monday!
And it was starter for new week :)
I should get up early and do my daily routine :)
Pejam celik,pejam celik...dah nak habis pun aku kursus kat sini...
I really enjoying all single day,hour and minute that I have been through this time...
I hope that I will make a good ending ! AMIN..

P/S : gambar hangout di times square :) swear! Lepas nie x mau dah naik monorel kecuali darurat...Gosh,monorel penuh macam tin sardin...nasib baik tak jadi ikan sardin je :)

Ahad, 20 Januari 2013

So far...

Hello,I'M back...
Uhh,tireddddd...banyak sangat assignment lately....
Yeay,balik!cuti 4 hari....
Rindu gila kat rumah...HOMESICK :(
so far,belajar ok lah!
I think that my english has quite improve..
Ermmm,that's all for now...
Till We Meet Later :)
* Ok,mulut herot ala2 MARIA ELENA sikit,cehhhh :P
MARIA ELENA?speechless,x gaya pun kot..hehehe :3