Sabtu, 17 Ogos 2013

It's has been a while

It has been 6 month since my last update,
Sometimes I feel want to delete this blog because I kept left it abandon without new post,
But how come I do that?
I had done a lot of work since the first day I opened up this blog 4 years ago,
I just miss my blog badly and I really wish that I can keep update my blog more often,
Serious talk "I wish I was an active blogger" and I was not
Hehehe.at least today I want to share some news stories :)
I just finished my UPS,
Oh actually now I'm studying at KMK...
Guys,do you know what KMK stand for?
Hahaha,it was Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah...Changlun,Ya it's kinda far from home
It was about 8 hour journey! Ya so long till it can freak me out so much
I swear it was a soooo bored and I just sleep all along the journey...hahaha
Oh ya, I just watch the conjuring with my babygirlssss
Ya, that's movie just nice...Yeay cool though
Hahahah,it was not bad at all
At least there are some moral values that we can apply in our daily life,
I think that's all for now till we meet later,
With love, I love you ;) hahaha

P/S : I hope my UPS result wont kill me ! Pleaseeee :3

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