Ahad, 29 September 2013

Life in KMK

Today I would like to tell about my life at KMK :)
Actually,this post I consider as my sc comp assignment as my lovely lecturer told us to share our story about being a KMK student...
Since I know my lecturer are going to read this so I should use a appropriate language then,hehe
So now let me start with greetings to my lovely and kind-hearted lecturer Puan Nazliah *eh puan saya puji ni bukan nak markah penuh tau? Puji ikhlas dari hati ni...hehehehe
Being a KMK student was not bad at all since I'm enjoying myself being here
Here,our life were so hectic since our schedule is quite full, our class start at 8 am and ended up at 4 pm...As modul 3 student I have 3 hours leisure time per week so I'm using that time wisely,properly,and more lyyyy lah...hehehehe *kononnya
I meet a lot of new friends,and it was fun...
I found out that all the lecturers here were so dedicated and I feel very happy having them as my lecturers
The food here is the most interesting part,hehehehehe
As I love food very much,
There a variety type of food and it was good since the price is too affordable
So now let's start with study part,hmmm I think that it was a pretty though because I'm studying science subject which I'm really bad in...
The final exam is approaching soon and I'm in state of worry,anxious,eager,scary and many more...
I'm not ready yet and this make me keep worryyssssss :(
Wish me luck guys :) *cita-cita nak 4 rata, Amin
I think I should end this post here since I'm already talk to much...
Here are some picture of myself taken at KMK *huuuu,banyak gambar nak letak tapi takut followers muntah tengok gambar cheq yang semua koyasss tu...
Heeeee,opssss :3
Yeayyyyyy,Puan assignment saya dah siap,harap Puan tak boring baca...hehehehe
Yang baju kuning tu,Lecturer sc comp cheq...hehehehehe
Puan sorry ambik gambar curi,nanti saya padam balik gambar tu....heeee

P/S : Happy reading you'alls,Terima Kasih Puan :) Doakan saya final exam :)

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